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Couple filmed trying to rip chain off suspect’s neck while he was being detained

Images from video, below.

A shameless couple in Las Vegas were filmed attempting to take the chain off the neck of a man being pinned to the ground for handcuffing.

The video, which was posted by @Who_iz_Eggy to Twitter in the early hours of Tuesday Morning, shows a man being pinned down and handcuffed on the sidewalk.

A black male and female, who seemingly are not involved in any way, approach the scene, with the woman gently inspecting the man’s chain by hand.

With the chain still on the prostrate man’s neck, the woman’s partner walks up and brazenly attempts to yank it off, causing the detained man’s neck to twist violently.

The action goes on for a few seconds before the detained man shouts, prompting the camera man to suddenly speak up.

It is unknown whether or not the men detaining the individual was a security guard or police officer.

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