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County commissioner caught on video pushing an officer after they legally arrested his son

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A Utah County Commissioner is apologizing for his actions after he shoved an officer as they were arresting his son back in November.

According to KUTV, San Juan County Commissioner Bruce Adams came to the arrest location after his son had notified him that he was pulled over by the police.

During the encounter, all recorded on body and dash cam video, Adams argued that the officers should release his son, shoved one of them, and denied a legal warrant was legitimate.

The officers reported that Adams tried to intimidate them by using his government influence.

Kenneth Adams, the County commissioner’s son, had an outstanding warrant related to a 2020 burglary and theft case. He had been pulled over due to a failure to stop.

Officers then proceeded to arrest Adams, took him to jail, and were set to release his vehicle to his parents. That’s when Bruce showed up.

He yelled at the officer about the warrant being false, threatened to sue them, demanded to see the warrant, and then demanded the release of his son.

Adams is currently on an apology tour as he is a self-proclaimed pro-law enforcement candidate.

His son has since been released and the warrant was eventually dropped.

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