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Councilwoman has officers fired over arrests, investigations of drug-dealing, girlfriend-beating son


Wellston, MO – A city councilwoman in a suburb of St. Louis is being investigated; not by law enforcement, but by a local news agency for interfering with police and even having officers fired. An officer has been fired, twice, for investigating incidents involving the councilwoman’s son that included dealing crack cocaine and heroin as well as domestic battery on his girlfriend.

According to  FOX 2 (KTVI), the problem started in late 2013 when officers raided the home of Terrence Dixon, son of city councilwoman Janet Dixon, for selling drugs out his home (where young children were). Terrence Dixon admitted, on tape, to Officer Dan Donahue that he sold crack cocaine and heroin out of the house. FOX 2 reported that Dixon got probation for possession, while officer Donahue and two others were fired. The Wellston police chief, GT Walker, believes this is because Terrence is the son of the councilwoman. The City Council has the ability to fire police officers.

The firings were soon reversed but that didn’t last for Donahue, who was fired again this past December for trying to help a woman who had previously called 911 to report being beat “with belt buckles”, and that it had happened several times. The suspect was Terrence Dixon. The victim showed police her injuries and stated “I’m tired of getting beat” and “every time this happens, his mother Janet Dixon gets him out of trouble.” This time, a neighbor had called police to report a woman that looked like she was trying to “crawl out the window” but “it appeared somebody pulled her back in.”

Body camera footage shows Officer Donahue not being allowed in, by Councilwoman Dixon, who then escorted the woman to a car. Officer Donahue, attempting to speak directly to the woman said, “this is going to continue for you until you stop it”. Shortly after, Councilwoman Dixon told the Donahue “this will be your last paycheck”. At the next City Council meeting Officer Donahue was fired.

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If that’s not outrageous enough, Councilwoman Dixon filed a protection order against Officer Donahue, claiming he told her he’ll “kill my black ass.” The only problem is, after an investigation, it was revealed by cell phone records that Donahue was nowhere near where Dixon claimed he threatened her at the time of the alleged incident. When FOX 2 asked her if she had lied to the Judge, she refused to answer. As of this writing, Janet Dixon still sits on a City Council Board that has the power to fire officers, and prosecutors refuse to bring a case against her.

Chris Hayes of FOX 2 originally reported this story.

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  1. This is outrageous! She’s using her position to get what she wants for her family. I hope, after this article, she is fired from the Council seat she holds and that she will have charges leveled against her!

    • Whatever happened to the charge of “misconduct in public office” that they use so freely against police officers ??????

  2. She should be brought up on charges of conspiracy, interfering with official business, filing a false report, along with some others. She sounds like the entitled thinking piece of shit that has riddled that city and ran it’s name through the mud.

  3. That’s normal here in the PH. Local Govt. Officials controlling the law and harassing/threatening those who uphold the law.

  4. This is actually hard to stomach. What’s wrong with the system that the prosecutor can refuse to prosecute blatant corruption? There are a lot of cases that end up a lot larger than this in the public spotlight that focus on moments when LEO’s screw up, why should anyone think that we of the public wouldn’t support a good officer who got canned over some absolutely corrupt garbage?!

  5. This woman is going to learn the meaning of blue flu one day she is going to need the very officers she got fired and none will be there.

  6. Cops lie everyday-and file false police reports. It’s only right she protect her family… Why is everyone overreacting now to say the least she nor her son didn’t kill anyone!!

    • For the sake of humanity I hope you’re trolling, otherwise you’re a whole new level of stupid I’ve never seen… Not only is he dealing but he’s beating his girlfriend. I hope you don’t have a daughter/sister/mother that finds herself in a similar situation

    • You are a dumbass. Google that word and your pathetic picture shows up. How do you find your way to a keyboard let alone put a sentence together. Fall off the earth and stop breathing my air ……

  7. When city councilwoman Dixon’s son murders his girlfriend, who’s going to be held accountable. Councilwoman Dixon and prosecutor are abusing their powers. It’s a shame.

  8. i went through the same thing with a city councilwoman. Had complaints filed on me etc. thank goodness I had 3 Probation Officers as witnesses. Also a previous Mayor was like that! As he forced me out of my job after 18.5 years! I had a heart attack while on duty and was told it wasn’t job related. People get power and they abuse it!

  9. Police officers are taking a lot of heat right now in the media. The spotlight is on them. But let’s not forget how easily politicians can erode freedom in this country, and if you do your research maybe you’ll see that good cops far outweigh the bad cops.

  10. Fire that bi…!! Both her and her son need to be behind bars. I can’t stand people abusing their authority. I hope this cunt gets what’s coming

    • This is what happens when blacks take over anything with authority…look at EVERY city is this country run by blacks…show me one city that is not on the brink of bankruptcy or riddle with crime and scandals. #handsdownnotcommitingcrimes

  11. Why is this allowed? She’s worthless. How can u take a career away from someone and get away with it. I have so many terrible things to say..

  12. Typical lowlife. She should be thrown in jail for threatening a police officer and he should sue for wrongful termination for the few times he was fired. Oh and lock her thug son up too. And everyone blames the cops when dealing with these lowlifes.

  13. “Evil prevails when good men do nothing.” and the least we can do is a little background checking of the ppl whom are up for election BEFORE we vote. Bravo!! to Officer Donahue for not cowering in the face of injustice and refusing to look the other way when his duty demanded otherwise, unlike the Police Chief and the prosecutors who should be ashamed of themselves for not doing everything in their power to remove this woman from hers!!!

  14. Well it looks like the ‘poor’ black folk are being held down by the man, again. Doesn’t matter if they’re guilty of something, they’re supposed to get off just because they can always claim racism. Disgusting!!!

  15. I had a mayor try to get me fired for arresting his son for domestic violence but thankfully I work for a sheriff and he told the mayor where to go. I couldn’t work for a PD or state agency where I have a dozen bosses who can fired you for just doing your job.

  16. Scum of the earth. She should be sued for everything she has then throw her nasty ass in jail. How can you protect a thug who beats women.

  17. This ‘councilwoman’ does not realize that there are always more powerful people in government. By using her position in government for her personal benefit, she faces the same kind of prison term Kwame Kilpatrick or Ray Nagin – which is more than 20 years in a federal prison.

    She also faces another risk. She has effectively hijacked the government for her personal benefit. Were she and all of the members of her family to be publicly hanged, the people who hang her would be protected, as they are committing a ‘revolutionary act’ against a self appointed tyrant. In fact, all of her supporters could be hanged at high noon on main street and nothing would happen to them.

  18. This has been going on for many years. Black on white crime is accepted today. You will never find a black person charges with a hate crime even if they are beating to death a white person while calling them cracker or whitey on video even! Because everyone is too scared to call the truth. Disgusting is all I can say!

  19. Nothing has been done to the Ellisville mayor’s wife either. She has filed at least two false reports to that city’s police department.