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Cop’s wife refused service at Kroger for wearing ‘Police Lives Matter’ shirt


A police officer’s wife from Spring, Texas was refused service at a local supermarket because of the shirt she was wearing, in support of law enforcement.

The woman said she did not want to disclose her last name, but wanted to get her story out there, after her “police lives matter” shirt sparked quite a scene last week at Kroger.

“She made me feel ashamed to have the shirt on and I don’t appreciate that,” Meredith said.

A teenage cashier reportedly stepped away from the register, saying the shirt that Meredith had on was a “slap in the face to her.”  The employee was later overheard telling a co-worker that she was doing ‘everything she could not to cry’.

The Kroger employee did not speak to Meredith directly about it however, and she let someone else handle the rest of her transaction.  Meredith says she complained to the grocery store chain about the incident multiple times, but has not yet received a response.

She says she doesn’t want the worker to get fired but thinks her experience should serve as a lesson to others.

A representative from Kroger told ABC 13 that the “matter is being looked into and the review is not yet complete so they cannot comment.”


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  1. The chain is dragging their feet. The employee is getting paid to do a job not express her politics or beliefs. Since she is too immature to comprehend it, she needs fired to teach her and others a strong lesson!!!

  2. This woman did not say she was refused service. She said someone else completed her transaction. Why would you post a story like this and try to taint the Kroger chain reputation. Ridiculous! I’m certainly not condoning the girl for what she did and I do not see anything wrong with this shirt, but give me a break. This isn’t news!! Just a difference of opinion. An opinion of a teenage girl and a grown woman!

    • Thank you I work for Kroger for 8 years and as to allow a comment that we work with some that offend us. My first month I had to incounter a customer that handicap and atheist( which I quickly found out) he jumped the counter and came at me with his fist. I was scared to death and could not get away. It took several times of him acting like that for me to be able to tell home if he was going to be rude then he could go to another lane. I had the right to walk awash from any situation that made me feel uncomfortable! Not knowing her side of the story I assume that maybe she lost a family member or had someone abused by a cop. Always two sides to the story!

    • so in other words you think she shouldn’t have any consequences. That woman had every right to where that shirt anywhere she chooses. No one should have to put up with a store cashier working on the clock and refusing to check her out. Yes she refused someone else completed her transaction. The cashier needs to keep her mouth shut and just do her job. I don’t think she is being paid to speak her opinion to a paying customer.

    • The the teen will get more and more disrespectful. Imagine her behavior if she wore a shirt tha someone felt wasn’t appropriate and insulted her.

  3. All of our lives matter. It makes no difference how old you are, what you ethnicity is, whether you are a cops wife or a teenage cashier at the Kroger. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, it can be red, yellow, green, black, purple, orange, white etc… If your are an itty bitty baby or the oldest person alive in the world your life still matters. WE ARE ALL RELATED! We all have the same Father, Jesus Christ, God. He loves us all the same. He doesn’t make trash. My dearly departed mother taught me that. Also, she would say he (GOD) knows how many hairs are on our head too. He watches over the little sparrow bird and I know he watches over me. GOD bless us all and keep us safe. AMEN!

  4. As a supervisor at Kroger I would have ANY of my cashiers ask someone else to step in if they felt that they could not preform their duties! Unless you work with the public you DONT understand the pressure that is put on us. The torment from angry hateful heartless customers that what to take Thur daily dose of hatred out on us. This article does not state the other side, maybe she lost a relative that was a cop! Did anyone think of that? !nope! People are way to quick to judge, so sit back and look at the big picture! Oh and Meredith it is union so they have to take the proper steps and Kroger and the union will! My hats off to her for walking away from a situation that might or might not have offended her!

    • She stated that it was like a slap in the face so I doubt very much that she lost a relative that was a cop. I worked with the public for years and how we treated the customer reflected on my employer. The fact is she was rude to the customer. She wasted the customer’s time. If she can’t cope with the public and the store manager doesn’t have the guts to fire her, she should be assigned to work in the back out of sight.

    • sorry but if you are so whiny and whimpy that a persons shirt bothers you ,you should not be working with the public…if the customer starts something verbally or physically that is a different story……I wonder if she refused to wait on a person of color or different nationality if your response would be the same

  5. When an employee of a business that is actively serving customers states out loud in public in front of you that she feels your shirt is a slap in the face to her and STOPS CONDUCTING YOUR TRANSACTION, that is indeed refusing service to a customer.
    You’d better believe that little snot would very quickly call 911 if she were robbed, raped or burglarized. And she would very much demand that the public servant she looked down her nose upon at work as her customer, now be attentive to her needs and her safety.
    What goes around comes around silly little girl.
    It does happen in this life that the person you
    viciously wrong can very well wind up being
    your next job interviewer. Or your nurse while you are in ICU, or the cop that pulls you over for speeding, or the bank manager that you need to approve your loan, or the child protective services agent that is called about the strange bruises on your child’s arms, or the cook at your favorite restaurant. You just never know where you will again run into somebody you did wrong.
    But you will. Just wait and see.
    Young people think it’s a big wide world, when actually, it’s not.
    Grow up and seek a job higher than a grocery store clerk.
    You obviously have too much time on your hands.

  6. When I was a cashier, a store clerk, and later when I was a bank teller my job was to handler the transaction and make the customer in front of me happy. IT WAS NOT MY JOB TO JUDGE THAT PERSON ON WHAT THEY SAID, WHAT THEY WORE, OR EVEN WHAT THEY SMELLED LIKE. A very wise old boss of mine told me that “for ever 1 customer a store upsets they will loose ten more.” A cashiers job is to keep your mouth shut, ring up the transaction and take the money. NOTHING MORE AND NOTHING LESS. KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELF AND DO YOUR DAMN JOB.

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