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Cops enjoy a friendly game of ball with neighborhood kids


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Michelle Keenan got nervous when a Plymouth squad car pulled up to her apartment complex, and she saw two officers get out of their car and come towards her son and his friends playing football while she was watching from the balcony.

When she saw Officers Matt Kaley and Mike Passig each join a team and start playing with the kids her concern quickly dissipated.

Her son thought it was the coolest thing ever.

“It’s a good feeling to know that we live in a community where police officers are willing to do this and be there for us,” said Keenan. According to KARE 11 she appreciates what the officers did, building trust with the kids and creating a memory they will always remember.

The cops just shrugged saying it was “Just a friendly game of football, and the kids loved it,” said Kaley. “Yeah, he’s a linebacker,” laughed Passig, pointing at his partner.

They told KARE 11 that their radio was quiet. So, when they saw the kids playing they stopped to join in on the fun.

IJ Review reports that Keenan saw the experience as a successful way to build trust between the police and the kids. She says that engaging with the police in this way helps children to trust and respect the authorities.

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