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Officer who was sexually abused as a child sends her attacker to prison for life

Erlis Joseph Chaisson
Erlis Joseph Chaisson

47-year-old Erlis Joseph Chaisson was sentenced to life in prison on Aug 26, after his conviction for the aggravated sexual assault of a young family member in 2001.

The woman, now a 27-year-old cop, told the Daily Beast that she realized she had the power to see her attacker sent to prison soon after qualifying as a police officer. “I thought to myself: I’m the difference between him and prison,” she said.

The eight-year-old victim was abused by Chaisson, over a four-year period, at their homes in Louisiana and Texas. It was revealed during testimony that Chaisson “rubbed his penis in between her legs, performed oral sex on her, and guided her hand up and down his penis.”

She told the court that she had kept the abuse as a “deep, dark secret” for more than a decade, and her training to become an officer had “caused her to decide to report and catch her attacker.”

Armed with an audio-recorder hidden inside her bra, the woman went to meet Chaisson at a park in Granbury, Texas two years ago. For protection, she brought a gun and another cop who was parked nearby.  Chaisson reportedly agreed to meet with her “knowing that she was seeing a counselor and wanting to talk about the sexual abuse.”

The sting operation went according to plan.

“He was talking like he was talking to his best friend,” she said. “Six times, he confessed—in the first hour and a half of that recording.”

“I mean, I understand you’re—you’re putting, trying to put all the blame on me. Lines got crossed. Our emotions got mixed and misread. Didn’t mean for none of it to—to go as far as it did,” Chaisson said.

“The dick has no conscience, and there’s no explanation for it…. I should have never put myself in them positions to even get aroused, and — but at least I caught myself before I done something stupid,” Chaisson is also heard saying on the recording.

Chaisson is now behind bars and will not be eligible for parole for 42 years.


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