Home News Cop-killer who fatally ambushed Richardson police officer wanted “war with police”

Cop-killer who fatally ambushed Richardson police officer wanted “war with police”


A Texas man accused of ambushing and killing a Richardson Police officer reportedly “wanted to go to war with police,” according to recently-released legal documents.

Brandon De McCall has been charged with the capital murder of Richardson PD Officer David Sherrard, which took place in early February. He has yet to be charged with the murder of his friend, Rene Gamez.

Permitted to stay with Gamez due to being homeless, McCall murdered Gamez on February 7, the ensuing noise from the act prompting nearby individuals to dispatch RPD units to Gamez’s apartment.

When officers arrived, they attempted to treat Gamez and began to breach his apartment, where McCall was located. Operating as the point man, Sherrard was first in the door- and first to be shot.

Racing outside after being shot, the other officer engaged McCall, who had taken up a prone position with a rifle.

“At that moment, it was clear this was an ambush,” one RPD officer reported. “The suspect continued to fire at me trying to kill me.”

“I immediately felt trapped,” another officer said. “For a second, I thought I might have no choice but to move forward towards the suspect who seemed determined on killing officers.”

McCall reportedly lured officers in by moaning loudly, as if he were wounded. When officers would peek around the corner, he would shoot at them some more.

After a several hours-long standoff, McCall was taken into custody. Officer Sherrard would later die at the hospital.

McCall claims he was using his rifle as a crutch, causing a negligent discharge that killed Gamez. When asked why he was shooting police, he simply said, “because I wanted to,” and that he was shot at first.

However, body camera footage disputes his claim.

According to Fox4, McCall made two phone calls in jail. In one of the calls, he told the other person on the line that he shot at officers because he “wanted to go to war with police.”

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