Home News Cop Blocker pleads guilty to federal extortion charges, faces prison time

Cop Blocker pleads guilty to federal extortion charges, faces prison time

Image Credit:  Deadbeatdirectory.com
Image Credit: Deadbeatdirectory.com

Cop hater Dustin McCaskill has plead guilty to the charge of Interstate Communications with the Intent to Extort. The charges stem from a complaint back in January – following threats to kill cops and FBI agents — which led to his indictment by a Federal grand jury.

Under the Facebook page Colorado Cop Block McCaskill wrote: “I’ll kill an FBI agent or foot soldier if they come at me…now come arrest me you (expletive) cowards…I’m going to be a pigs worst nightmare. Come get me.”

In late 2014, FBI agents in Colorado warned McCaskill to stop posting threats on his Cop Block Facebook page, which said it “dedicates itself to ‘exposing’ law enforcement officers who commit acts of corruption or misconduct in that state,” according to the review journal.

Some of the threats made on the Colorado Cop Block page were directed at an Oklahoma Law Enforcement Officer, according to copblock-exposed. The federal complaint indicates that McCaskill wrote on January 11th: “If someone was to gun this Oklahoma officer down, I will be the first to donate to his defense fund.”

In a Jan. 15 post, McCaskill said, “I’m going to kill an officer or two and let them take me out. What the (expletive) are they going to do? Die with me. We can just have some suffering families.”

McCaskill was arrested in Las Vegas a few days later.

Because of violent threats made against police and other citizens on Dustin’s previous Cop Block page, “Southern Oklahoma Cop Block,” Cop Block publicly disassociated itself from Dustin and SOCB in 2014. SOCB was removed from the directory of official Cop Block pages and content generated by that page was no longer accepted for reposts.

Dustin claimed he didn’t want to be associated with Cop Block after this, according to several media reports.

However, after he moved to Colorado, he again tried to use Cop Block’s notoriety to gain attention for himself, by creating the “Colorado Cop Block” page.

McCaskill is scheduled to appear before a judge on October 8, for sentencing. He could face a maximum penalty of five years in prison, a fine of up to $250,000 — or both.

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  1. Naturally the police can threaten and act on threats without worrying about repercussions, but someone saying they would kill a cop/FBI gang member “if thet came at him” and it gets him in trouble? Talk about double standards…