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Cop Blocker films himself going to Richardson PD station following murder of officer


YouTube video

An irreverent “watchdog” YouTuber in Texas decided to go into a police station and cause a scene shortly after a police officer was killed, making an ass of himself in the process.

The video, titled The most important audit I’ve done – will we suspend freedom after a tragic event?, YouTuber James Freeman initiated an “audit” of the Richardson Police Department, taking advantage of a recent officer’s death to test how police would react to him filming inside the station.

In the video, he passes ribbons, flags and a shrine left in memory of the officer. During his filming he was asked why he didn’t have a badge, but mistook the woman’s question to mean “thin blue line” ribbon.

“I don’t support murder,” he said.

Eventually, he’s approached by a well-mannered police officer, who told him he wasn’t the least bit worried about Freeman.

Freeman made people considerably uncomfortable, but thanks to the cool demeanor and friendly approach by an officer of the RPD, he was essentially sent away without any controversial footage.

RPD Officer David Sherrard was killed on February 8 of this year, marking an end to his 13-year career and immortalizing him as the first duty casualty in Richardson PD’s 63-year history.

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  1. Whoever wrote this article obviously is either too biased or is ignorant about James Freeman. The dude’s the biggest American advocate for liberty, freedom, and he mostly confronts corrupt cops and government officials who lie between their slithering forked tongues when they swear their oaths to uphold the constitution. For every couple of videos where he doesn’t get a reaction from good cops he’s captured dozens of videos of cops breaking the law and trying to unlawfully arrest citizens for trying to exercise their 1,4,5,6 amendment rights. One of the more famous cops he caught on camera, specifically detective Mike Jardine got promoted to chief of police despite the man obviously having a short temper and possibly being guilty of drinking on the job (something that may not be true but his reactions in that video make him look more guilty than a pot head walking out of a Grateful Dead Concert). Another video is of the chief of police of Independence, Missouri where he probably runs one of the most corrupt police departments in America. Will anything happen to these corrupt oath breakers? Probably not seeing as to how they are still working and this website will likely defend those horrible people even if the evidence points to them being more guilty than Stalin. People have been arrested and sentenced to death for less and maybe Leoaffairs can turn the page around and stand for freedom, liberty, and the Republic.

    • Freeman is a douche with no life nothing else. He needs a hobby, a job, a girlfriend or something. He just hates police and his videos prove that. If he was an “Auditor” he wouldn’t need to act like a hateful ass.

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