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Cop blocker charged with sexually abusing 15-year-old, claims to now be on the run


A New York “cop blocker” is reportedly on the run after being charged with sexually abusing a 15-year-old girl.

Adam Rupeka and Jennifer Ogburn were arrested over the weekend on charges of endangering the welfare of a child, third-degree sexual abuse and forcible touching.

After posting bail, Rupeka and Ogburn fled the area, claiming that the police were out to get them for all the work they have done in “exposing” corruption, according to the TimesUnion.

“I am now on the run for my life and this is all because of everything I’ve exposed of police doing,” Rupeka said in a video posted on YouTube and his Facebook page, Capital District Cop Block.

“As soon as I get to another safe location, I’ll make an update to let everybody know what’s going on.”

The couple decided to flee after Rupeka claims he saw several “unmarked” SUVs outside of his house with men coming in and out of his apartment.

“I kept out of sight and quickly got out of there”, he said.  However it’s possible Rupeka will face additional charges as the investigation continues.

While police won’t know for sure if the couple actually skipped town until their court date on Friday, Rupeka’s former employers at Family Dollar confirmed that he was fired yesterday.

Rupeka made internet infamy last year after flipping off a cop, which eventually led to him getting pepper sprayed after resisting arrest.

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  1. Dear Cop Blockers,

    Do not play with teeth if you don’t want to get bit. Do not play with fire if you don’t want to get burned. Do not play stupid games if you do not want to win stupid prizes.

    Thank you,

    Reality Speaking.


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