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Cop Blocker arrested after trying to film victim giving statement at police station


A man yelled at police officers after he was denied entrance into the Woonsocket Police Department because there was a victim of domestic violence inside giving her statement.

Officers immediately confronted the man, who was recording the incident on his cell phone.

One officer immediately told the man not to enter and told him he couldn’t go in because there was a victim inside who didn’t want to go on camera.

This was all happening as a second man was being escorted out of the lobby. It’s uncertain if he is part of the domestic violence case, or why he was inside the building.

The man, who posted the video titled “Auditing America illegally Arrested by Woonsocket Police”, immediately began yelling at cops and told them not to put their hands on him.

He got so irate that he began yelling profanities at the officers, called them liars, and insinuated that they rape people.

Officers then came and arrested the second person, who was also filming the incident, for disorderly conduct after he also swore at the officers.

The first man defended his actions say they he was protected by his first amendment rights of free speech and demanded names and badge numbers from the officers.

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