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Cop Block founder Adam Mueller (Ademo Freeman) arrested on drug trafficking charges

Warren Mueller a.k.a. Ademo Freeman. Credit: Warren County Sheriff's Office.
Warren Mueller a.k.a. Ademo Freeman. Credit: Warren County Sheriff’s Office.

Adam Mueller, also known as Ademo Freeman and the founder of copblock.org, has been arrested on multiple drug charges including felony drug trafficking following a traffic stop in Warren County, Ohio.

The traffic stop, which was partially recorded by Mueller, shows an Ohio State Trooper telling him that he smells the odor of marijuana coming from Mueller’s vehicle and on his person.

Reports indicate the trooper eventually discovered a suitcase or something similar that contained a large amount of marijuana and possibly other drugs. Mueller was charged with 3rd degree felonies for possession of drugs and trafficking of drugs, as well as s 5th degree felony for possession of drugs.

Standard felony penalties in Ohio state Mueller faces 2 to 11 years on prison and up to $22,250 in fines.


Mueller gained infamy last year when he called for the burning of American Flags and attempted to start a “F*&k Your Badge” challenge.



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  1. Not a fan of anyone that advocates burning Old Glory. I served my country and understand the freedoms I oathed to protect, and while not happy with flag burning, that’s their right.

    With that said however, if someone stuck on stupid like this Warren Mueller stepped on my property and took my Annin flag and burned it, well let’s just say it wouldn’t end well for them. My home’s in a very private 40 home HOA. We own the roads and we own the sidewalks. No such thing as public property here and it’s posted as such.

    Glad that karma caught up to this disrespectful Mr. Mueller. Sadly, most comments on Facebook are his idiot supporters. These fools have no idea that LEO’s are mostly good people, that just want to make it home after their shifts. They have no clue how mean the streets can be.

    Every one of them are stuck on stupid as is this disrespectful fool.

  2. haha….somehow I see him getting the max sentence…maybe the C.O.’s will tell everyone in general pop he is a former narcotics agent….oopsie

  3. “Fuck a Police Badge

    “Fuck a Police Badge,” Adam? You are soon gonna get something a lot wider stuck up you, by your new Prison neighbors. When they are done with you, you will wear a cute little maid’s outfit and your Prison name will be “Alice.” You will be fortunate if you can still eat your meals from a plate, instead of drinking all of them through a straw.

    So you won’t go insane right away, think about the United States Flag, which you disrespected and defaced, while you are performing your maid-ly duties. They will surely include getting on your hands and knees and saying, “Come on, Big Boy!”

    I’ll bet you never figured this would happen to you, with your “White Privilege,” did you, Punk?

    — Bobby from Westminster

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