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Confusing: Racial profiling claims made after officer stops vehicle for multiple infractions, lets driver off with warning


A religious leader and head of a private university in Kentucky was pulled over over for traffic violations over the weekend, causing outrage by a local community.

In a video released late Saturday night, Reverend Kevin Cosby and his wife were pulled over for two traffic violations. During the stop, the officer asked for their IDs and ran their information.

Cosby, who is a Lousiville pastor and president of Simmons College of Kentucky, was outraged by the situation, and filmed the incident using his camera phone.

“You made an improper turn back there when you turned on to 22nd, I’m not exactly sure what street it was off of, but you made an improper turn there,” the officer said in the video. “Also, the plastic rim around the license plate…It’s illegal. That’s the reason for the traffic stop.”

Cosby was then told that everything else checked out, and he was let go with a verbal warning.

The video was shared to social media by Cosby’s daughter, Christine Cosby-Gaither, and has been viewed over 59,386 times.

“My father and mother, the President and First Lady of Simmons College of Kentucky and the Pastor of Kentucky’s largest Black church was stopped tonight by a racist cop who targeted them because they were BLACK, driving a Audi, in West Louisville!” she wrote on Facebook.

“Racial profiling MUST STOP!!” she added.

The comments by other viewers were equally scathing.

“This incident was disturbing enough just on it’s face…but asking for Sister Cosby’s ID took it all the way apartheid South Africa,” Clay Calloway said in the comments.

“This is the state of the entire country now,” Elanor McCoy Carter wrote. “Deplorables have just been waiting in the shadows to rear their ugly, venomous heads.”

According to sources within the Louisville Metropolitan Police, the agency is looking into the matter. The officer’s identity was not released.

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  1. Trying not to comment on posts today. But this is so off the wall ridiculous that I couldn’t help myself. There are a bunch of folks up there in Kentucky that need to look in their mirrors if they want to talk about racial issues. And to throw out titles, even that of minister, is so inappropriate because being a minister or college president has nothing to do with racial profiling or being stopped for a traffic violation. We are all equal when it comes to everyday life. I only regret that the infractions didn’t turn into a ticket based upon this behavior and solely upon this behavior.


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