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Colorado school district to equip security staff with AR15s, kept in vehicles

Credit: Douglas County School District
Credit: Douglas County School District

Colorado’s Douglas County School District plans to stock its security staff with ten Bushmaster AR15s in an effort to quell possible shootings or violent incidents on school grounds.

According to the Denver Post, Director of security Richard Payne said he made the final call on the $12,000 acquisition of the Bushmaster rifles in January after her determined his security officers were lightly armed in comparison to the police they were training alongside.

“We want to make sure they have the same tools as law enforcement,” Payne said Monday.

The rifles will require the security officers go through a twenty-hour training course, the very same one required by local law enforcement. While the first rollout of rifles is set for a few months from now, the bulk will arrive in August.

Unfortunately, the rifles will not be stored in the school building- instead they will be locked in the security patrol vehicles that are located on school grounds.

Critics such as former Westminster Police Chief Dan Montgomery, say the decision is “unusual” and could have dangerous consequences, particularly concerning vehicle security and over penetration.

“One accident in close quarters with these things could be devastating, not only to predators but to the students themselves,” Montgomery said. “I would make sure the decision is supported politically and socially.”

Another curious issue revolved around the cost of the rifles. Considered by most AR15 aficionados as a “lower end” manufacturer for the popular rifle platform, the $12,000 procurement of ten rifles would place the purchase price of each AR at around $1,200, when a non LE-priced civilian purchase of a Bushmaster would cost much less than that.

LEO Affairs attempted to contact DCSS’s Security Department concerning the curious procurement, though we have not heard back yet from the DCSS at the time of publishing.

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