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Colorado officer fired for having an OnlyFans says subscribers are more professional than officers

Source: Twitter

A former Colorado police officer is dragging her former employer through the mud after she was fired for making $27,000 per month selling sexy snaps on an OnlyFans page.

According to the NY Post, Melissa Williams was an Arapahoe Sheriff’s deputy up until 2022. She was fired because it was found out she had an OnlyFans page and selling sex-focused photos and videos.

Williams claims she’s not looking back, though she is throwing shade at her former officers. Williams says she gets 10 marriage proposals a week from her followers and that they are more polite than her former co-workers.

Williams had been on OnlyFans for 18 months before the Sheriff caught wind of her side hustle. She then found out co-workers had become subscribers of hers and were gossiping behind her back. After some back and forth between her and the Department, Williams negotiated a $30,000 severance package and left the force in early 2022.

She says it’s been for the better as she had been able to land a book deal, make an X-rated video, and continue making her high-priced content.

“I still feel like I am just getting started on my new career and enjoying all of the travel, people, and online interactions along the way,” said Williams.

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