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Colorado officer cleared of wrongdoing by FBI in case where woman lied about her involvement in sex-trafficking, other crimes


A woman in Colorado has entered a plea deal in connection to lies she told concerning a female officer with the Brighton Police- lies that nearly cost the officer her job.

BPD Officer Tania Loya won’t forget being suspended in March of last year, recalling how she wasn’t even told why she was in trouble.

“Chief tells me, ‘give me your badge [and]  your work phone,’ so I hand it right away,”

At the time of her suspension, Loya had only been an officer around a year and remained suspended until the FBI cleared her three months later.

According to the investigation’s findings, suspect Vanessa Garcia had accused her of some serious offenses- crimes which could have landed her life in prison if convicted.

“[Gracia] alleged I sexually assaulted her, I was having an affair with her pimp, sex trafficking her, selling drugs. I was leaking information about her case to her pimp. I mean various felony charges,” Loya said.

According to Fox31, Garcia made 25 false reports to the Brighton Police Department from October 2016 to April 201, mostly  involving multiple men and Loya.

The 22-year-old suspect was known for being untruthful to police, having frequently made unfounded allegations that were sexual in nature.

“I would love an explanation from (Garcia) to tell me why she chose me if she doesn’t know me,” Loya said. “For some reason, I don`t feel any hate towards her. I feel it towards the department. At the end of the day I was their officer but for them to throw me like that in a heartbeat and put my life in danger like that and my daughter`s life in danger, that`s what made it upsetting.”

Fortunately, the FBI managed to clear up the issue. Despite this, Loya claims she was unfairly treated by her comrades after the incident, with BPD Chief Paul Southard- who Loya said was looking for reasons to fire her.

“You feel like everybody is attacking you. You can’t do your job correctly. I feel like am I safe there, am I?” said Loya, who was placed on leave for four months after she filed her workplace complaint.

Loya returned to work on March 8, after some findings were discovered in her favor. Neither BPD nor the FBI wish to comment on the matter until Garcia’s sentencing on Thursday.

When interviewed at the courthouse, Garcia insisted she was telling the truth, attempting to grab the microphone away from a reporter and claiming the Brighton Police were the only liars.

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