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Colorado deputy given $30,000 to resign after word of her OnlyFans page got out

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A former Colorado police officer was reportedly paid $30,000 to resign from her position after it was discovered that she had a raunchy OnlyFans page.

46-year-old Melissa Williams, who formerly served with the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office, was reportedly “retired” from service after fellow deputies discovered that she was selling adult content made by herself and her husband.

“My personal sex life was entirely separate and never affected my ability to do my job,” she said of the discovery, adding she “felt like my bosses were policing my bedroom.”

According to the Daily Mail, Williams goes by “Lexi Bella” on Only Fans.

Williams and her husband also have two children, who will no doubt eventually find out about what their parents have been up to.

Despite the fact that she uploaded the media to the British-based subscription adult content service, she insists she’s the victim.

“A lot of the material my husband and I shared is stuff we’d taken in our private sex life over the years,” Williams said. “I was working up to 60-hour weeks, so mostly my husband ran the page and shared my pictures, and then sometimes we’d have fun dressing me up and taking photos especially to share.”

ACSO was not willing to comment on the matter.

Williams claims she is earning around $4,000 per month on OnlyFans.

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  1. None of the police department business if she didn’t use the uniform or her position as a cop in her Only Fans page. And if the children fund out, it’s the family’s business, no one else’s.


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