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Colorado city council candidate wants to “kill all police,” sheriff says don’t vote for her


Source: Facebook

An old social media post by a Fort Collins City Council candidate could ruin her campaign.

The photo is from 2017 and shows candidate Holmes sitting in front of a sign saying, “Kill all Police…. They Are Killing Us!”

The Facebook post was dragged up by Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith, whose county covers Fort Collins.

According to the Coloradoan, Holmes’ son was fatally shot by an officer in 2017.

Three months later she took part in the protest at Colorado State University.

One of her main objectives is to increase police transparency and require de-escalation training.

Sheriff Smith wrote on Facebook that a responding officer had to shoot and kill Holmes’ son because he had lunged at the officer with a large knife. Holmes had even called 911 saying her son had threatened to kill his own brother.

Sheriff Smith went on to say that he’s spoken with Holmes, who he believes to be a disturbed person and not just a grieving mother.

Holmes told teh Coloradoan that the sign was was craeted by student organizers and was “intentionally provocative,” and that she would never advocate for violence against police officers.

Election day is April 2nd.

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