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'Cocky' burglary suspect undone by snapchat

Courtesy of the Fairfield Police Department


A bungling burglary suspect has been arrested by police after he sent out messages on social media leading them to his hiding place.

Officers in Fairfield, Maine, had been searching for Christopher Wallace for weeks after he was linked to a burglary in January.

According to the Morning Sentinel newspaper, police received tip offs on Sunday that Wallace had posted a Snapchat saying he had returned to his house.

Police went there, and while they were searching the home, Wallace posted a new message saying officers were in the property looking for him.

He added that he was hiding in a cabinet.

The sheriff office’s Facebook page explained what happened next: “A search of the kitchen cabinets turned up some food, some pots and pans, and also a pair of feet.

“The pair of feet just so happened to be attached to a person, and that person was Christopher Wallace.

“He was removed from the cabinet, and placed under arrest.

“All of that brings me to the moral of the story. Always remain humble, my friends.”

The post said Wallace had become “cocky”, which “led to his downfall”.

Courtesy of the Fairfield Police Department


A woman named Erika Hall, 20, was arrested for hindering the apprehension of a suspect, the post added.

“Let’s put it this way, when the police ask you multiple times if someone is in the house, and you answer repeatedly that they are not in the house, and that you have not seen said person in ‘weeks’, you’re just going to get arrested.

“That’s how it happens.”

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