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Cocaine Coochie: Model caught smuggling drugs “on her person’

Source: Instagram

An Australian model is praising her lawyers after a drug-sniffing dog caught her in the act of walking around a concert with a package of cocaine in her personal area.

According to the NY Post, Grace Athanatos was at a DJ Marlo concert in Sydney back in May when a drug-sniffing dog picked up on her scent. Officers eventually pulled her from the crowd and performed a private strip search. They pulled more than 5 grams of cocaine from a wrapped-up condom that was shoved inside her vagina.

This week, Athanatos was able to avoid a criminal conviction after her lawyers worked out a plea deal.

Athanatos is a model and OnlyFans personality. She admitted that the cocaine was for her and her girlfriends to use at the concert and that she did not intend to sell it.

Without the plea deal, she could have faced between two to 15 years in prison.

She is now on a 12-month probation bond.

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