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Coast Guardsman shoots police officer in ambush attack


UPDATE: Both women were also members of the Coast Guard

A woman has been killed and two others shot, one being a Bourne police officer, in what police are calling an ambush attack. According to the Boston Globe, the shooter is an active duty member of the US Coast Guard assigned to a base in Virginia.

Bourne police and fire were called to a condominium complex on Round House Road around 2:15 a.m. for a car fire and several explosions, as reported by CBS Boston.

Access to the road was blocked by the burning car as police tried to move in. They then received a 911 call from a woman in the complex saying she and another person were shot and the man who shot them had run off.

“Officers made their way to the reported gunshot victims and encountered an armed suspect that had fled the residence,” Bourne police said in a statement.

“Officers also located multiple incendiary devices and were hampered by other hazards in the area. One of the responding officers notified dispatch that he had been shot and was unable to move. Additional officers reported they were pinned down by gunfire and unable to exit the area or continue to the victims.”

Reinforcements were called in from other police departments including State Police, Falmouth, and the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office. The man continued to shoot at them as they tried to get to the wounded officer. Officers were able to subdue and arrest the gunman after the shootout, which lasted 30 minutes, ended.

The unidentified officer was shot in the back below his bullet-proof vest. He was rushed to Rhode Island Hospital on a med flight rescue helicopter, but “he is going to be OK,” according to Police Chief Dennis Woodside. The wounded woman was taken to the hospital as well.

“Officers continued to the victim’s residence, where they located two females with gunshot wounds, one of which was deceased. Officers also located additional incendiary devices in the area,” police said in their statement.
The State Bomb Squad was called is currently trying to clear our several devices at the scene with residents living in the area ordered to stay inside until the area is clear.
No names have yet been released.

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