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CNN host Michael Smerconish goes on tirade against feds for damaging billionaire monster Jeffrey Epstein’s door during raid


CNN host and radio personality Michael Smerconish reportedly argued with callers on Tuesday, asking why the “beautiful” door of Jeffrey Epstein’s home was damaged during a federal raid that took place over the weekend.

“The SDNY indictment and excellent reporting by @jkbjournalist are convincing that Jeffrey Epstein is bad guy who has done terrible things and needs to be severely punished,” the personality tweeted. “F him. But could the feds not have used a locksmith instead of a crowbar on those doors?”

Callers to his Sirius XM program were less than happy about the rant, accusing him of misdirecting his anger.

You are wasting too much time on the outrage of doors when there’s way more important things,” one caller said.

Not one to be told he’s wasting time, Smerconish insisted it was an important factor.

“I saw things that I thought were really odd or misplaced,” he said “I decided to comment.”

The door was reportedly pried open by federal agents between Saturday night and Sunday morning, finding an obscene amount of child pornography inside of the safe.

The New York Post reports that Epstein has pleaded “not guilty” to all charges, including some related to sex trafficking and conspiracy.

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  1. A door can be fixed, or replaced.

    The life of a teen girl, who was forced into prostitution cannot.

    He’s definitely got his head screwed on backwards.

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