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“Clocked this son b–ch at 96 in a 35,” officer pulls over Deputy Chief in an unmarked car


It was a battle of rank versus the law in Henry County, Georgia at the end of June.

According to the NY Post, a Henry Couty Sheriff’s Deputy was patrolling when he found a speeding car going 60 miles an hour over the speed limit. He immediately flipped on his lights and pulled the speeding car over.

As he walked up, he noticed two co-workers in the unmarked Dodge Charger. One of them was the Deputy Chief of the Sheriff’s Office Michael Yarbrough.

He returned to his vehicle after the discussion and made a phone call to another deputy saying, “Guess who I just pulled over. The chief deputy, driving a f—king Dodge Charger. A souped-up Dodge Charger belonging to the sheriff’s office. I just clocked this son b–ch at 96 in a 35.”

While debating on whether to write a ticket or not, he ultimately said he didn’t like the Deputy Chief much anyway and wrote the ticket.

The county has suspended the Chief for a week without pay over the incident. The Sheriff’s Office said Yarbrough had been on duty and was just driving with his lights and siren, which would have avoided the citation.

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