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Cincinnati police captain suspended after DUI arrest while her Lieutenant husband was in the vehicle



A Cincinnati police captain and her officer husband were stopped in the Ohio city of Loveland for drinking and driving with firearms- and the captain soon found herself behind bars.

55-year-old CPD Captain Amanda Caton was stopped by Loveland PD after she reportedly hesitated to pull forward at a green light, giving the officer enough reasonable suspicion to initiate the stop.

Caton reportedly took her time to pull over, and the officer initiating the stop reported the strong smell of alcohol coming from inside the vehicle.

“Does it help that I am a police officer?” Caton reportedly asked the LPD patrolman.

Flashing her badge, Caton later admitted to the officer that she was armed and then haphazardly produced the loaded pistol, handing it to him.

Caton had to be instructed several times to open her trunk and unlock her doors.

According to Cincinnati.com, Caton’s husband and fellow officer, Lieutenant Patrick Caton, began to become irate and flashed his badge. He was also armed at the time.

“I explained that Ms. Caton reeked of alcohol, had slurred speech and glassy bloodshot eyes, I explained that I could not just let them go at this time,” the LPD officer said in the report.

After performing some of the field sobriety tests, Captain Caton asked the officer to follow her home. When the officer explained that they could not drive, the lieutenant became angry, refusing a ride from the officers, who he referred to as “you guys.” Eventually, he was told to come down and leave the area, lest he be arrested. He complied with the order.

Taking Captain Caton into custody, the officers eventually took her home after going to the station for processing. Upon arrival at her residence, it was discovered that Lieutenant Caton was arriving at around the same time.

Lieutenant Caton was acting aggressively and Captain Caton reportedly had to protect the LPD officers from his rage by physically standing in between them. As the officers left, he taunted them, saying, “Be sure to tell your moms that you met real cops tonight.”

Captain Caton was promoted to her current rank last summer, and has been suspended until the investigation and case are concluded.

Lieutenant Caton was reportedly fired by CPD in 2003, in relation to the 2001 death of Roger Owensby. He was later acquitted, reinstated and awarded $200,000 in back pay.

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  1. Possession of a firearm while legally intoxicated is a felony which renders her unfit for employment. Termination is the only option.

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