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Chicago’s inmates now getting fresh pizza delivered to their jail cells


Inmates in Chicago’s Cook County Jail are now getting pizza delivered fresh to their cells, according to the CCSO- and you can thank Sheriff Tom Dart.

Inmates in the primarily medium security jail are now able to have inmate-baked pizza -which appears as authentically Italian as can be- for anywhere from $5 to $7 a pie.

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Cara Smith said that the revenue generated from pizza sales support a “Recipe for Change” program, run by Italian chef Bruno Abate.

Bruno teaches inmates skills they can use upon release when they are looking for work, as well as how to have a passion for food.

Originally, Dart intended to have Bruno’s students sell pizzas to jail staff, but the jail guards “wanted nothing to do with anything made by detainees,” Smith said.

In order to avoid taxpayers from feeling they are “coddling” detainees, the inmates pay for the pizzas out of their own commissary cash.

According to the Chicago Tribune, over 208 pies have been sold in the 1,536-man block since Monday.


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  1. Yet I have to eat frozen $3.50 Pizza’s from the frozen section of my grocery store’s. I am sorry but tell me where the punishment and deterrent is again ?


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