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Chelsea Manning burns Thin Blue Line flag, says f*#k the police on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day


The former US Army soldier who betrayed her country and put her fellow service members at risk before becoming a transgender attention-seeker has once again made headlines after burning a Thin Blue Line flag and saying, ‘F*&k the police.’

Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley Manning) posted a photo of a burning “Thin Blue Line” flag to Twitter on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, complete with the caption, “F*** the police.”

Manning then followed up by saying that Americans live under “domestic military occupation in every major city.”

The 31-year-old is best known for leaking classified military information to Wikileaks in 2010, putting servicemembers at risk. Charged with 22 offenses to include aiding the enemy, Manning was eventually found guilty for the majority of the charges and sentenced to 35 years in prison.

In 2017, Manning’s sentence was commuted by then-President Barack Obama, allowing the disgraced former Soldier to walk among the populace. The following year, Manning ran for the US Senate as a Democrat in her home state of Maryland, winning only 5.7% of the vote during the primary.

Manning and anti-police sentiment are not a new combination- last year, Manning posted something similar on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

In addition to showing absolutely no support for police, Manning took the cake this year by posting a surveillance video of police searching Manning’s empty apartment after the dishonorably-discharged intelligence analyst threatened suicide.

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  1. As if we care what this freak thinks…..?
    We can never be offended by a POS criminal whose opinion doesn’t even matter.

  2. I’m surprised someone hasn’t posted her home address….for s Christmas Card…..
    Asking for a friend

  3. By all means continue to smear and attempt to intimidate a dissenting opinion rather than fix the reason you continue to loose support at an alarming rate. Great idea, keep winning.

  4. First all this thing is a disgrace. Convicted of Treason, tax payers paid for the sex change, pardon by Obama and allowed to run for a elected official! Screw this POS POG!

  5. This asshole shows exactly what Imam Obama’s terms were all about. Bradley was seeking attention with his suicide claim, shame he doesn’t have the balls to go thru with it…

  6. She’s probably just burning that flag because it is in violation of the Flag Code, and is disrespectful to the flag of the United States. I don’t understand why anyone would have that thing. Anyone that does, should probably be fired and forced to leave the country.

  7. What trash. It should be back in jail… in another Country that will put up with its shit or deal with it as we should have. Sad to have served in the same military as this POS, but proud to have served our great Nation.

  8. Quite interesting how dehumanizing people get over a gang symbol.
    It’s not even the real flag, which is unconstitutional to alter.
    Shameful sheeple.

  9. Well he and make no mistake it’s a definite HE, Bradley, is an idiot first class AND A MENTAL case obviously. What kind of person with any intelligence whatsoever would bite the hand that feeds them??? This a****** is too ignorant to understand that the very people that he’s disrespecting are the ones that are going to have to come to his rescue when some pissed off a****** decides to beat the crap out of him and maybe kill him. You can’t make this stuff up and he’s one special kind of mentally unstable MAN!!! Thank you Obamanation for releasing him among the rest of us!! But then again, I would expect no less from Obamanation because birds of a feather and all that!! Just my opinion, but it counts as much as anybody else’s!!

  10. The blue line on the us flag is also violation of the flash code. Im sure I’ll get a lot of shit on this comment #MAGA

  11. It’s such a shame that the name “Bradley”was wasted in this freak; it’s such a masculine and powerful name. Also, I cannot believe that Obama freed this traitor so he can walk among us one again. This is just disgusting.

  12. You spelled “his” wrong. He is a weirdo and a betrayed his country. Dont give him any justice calling this freak a woman.

  13. He can dress up all day long in female clothes, but guess what, he’s still gonna be a FREAK & a MALE. Sorry POS ???? traitor. I have ZERO RESPECT for these FREAKS.

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