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Charlotte police identify, shame rioters and looters in social media posts


In the aftermath of the Keith Lamont Scott shooting in Charlotte, NC, demonstrations quickly became violent.

The rioters attacked officers, journalists, civilians and looted local stores.  One person was even shot and killed.

Live footage from media outlets enraged viewers as they saw the mayhem unfold before their very eyes and it appeared as though police weren’t doing much about it.

However, The Charlotte-Mecklenburg police department captured a lot of the crime on surveillance video, and as soon as the riots subsided, they began identifying, publicly, those who committed the crimes.

One of three identified so far — Jamil Gill (4/15/1993) is wanted on numerous charges in connection with damage and looting at Jimmy Johns. pic.twitter.com/LucvtvqVne

Looking for a way to stop the chaos and call out the rioters who damaged property, looting from restaurants and stores, Charlotte Police used social media to identify suspects and make their actions known to the public.

Their calls for help identifying the suspects didn’t go unnoticed and their social media posts assisted in not only naming suspects but capturing them as well.

It started out as a difficult task, but one they weren’t going to give up easily.

Their posts turned to victory when one post after another showed rioters coming to justice.

Khalil Wallace was one of the suspects who has been arrested and charged with hitting an officer with a wrench during the riots.

Now behind bars these rioters are just waiting to face the judge and jury to await their fate.

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