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CCTV footage shows pregnant Ta’Kiya Young stealing liquor from store before officer-involved shooting

Screenshot from the video below

Update: Newly released CCTV footage shows pregnant Ta’Kiya Young stealing numerous bottles of liquor before being shot by a police officer while trying to run an officer over with her car.

Earlier: Many accusations are being made following the shooting death of a pregnant woman accused of stealing liquor bottles from a grocery store in Ohio.

Following the release of the bodycam, which shows 21-year-old Ta’Kiya Young being shot after attempting to run over a Blendon Township police officer, citizens are calling for the officer to be charged.

“The video did nothing but confirm their fears that Ta’Kiya was murdered unjustifiably … and it was just heartbreaking for them [her family] to see Ta’Kiya having her life taken away under such ridiculous circumstances,” Sean Walton, an attorney representing Young’s family said to the AP.

Many news outlets have been quick to side with Young’s lawyer’s view of the events and were quick to categorize her death as another “police violence against Blacks” event.

“Young’s death follows a troubling series of fatal shootings of Black adults and children by Ohio police and numerous occurrences of police brutality against Black people across the nation in recent years, events that have prompted widespread protests and demands for police reform,” CBS reports.

While it is undoubtedly a tragedy, something that even Blendon Township Police Chief John Belford agreed with, why is the event not being categorized as a mental health event?

Why is her death being categorized by her race? Nobody has mentioned that the 7-month pregnant woman, who was allegedly stealing liquor, was possibly struggling with mental health issues or severe alcoholism.

Witness reports very clearly suggest that might of been the case, as the dispatcher can be heard clearly in the bodycam footage, stating, “female is hallucinating.”

The quickly adopted narrative seems to be “a bad cop shot a Black woman,” without any interest in finding out what really happened.

Whether the officers’ use of force was justified is unknown, and will likely be the sole focus of investigations, why is nobody asking whether officers handled this properly as a mental health incident or not?

According to the CBS headline, the video only “shows him killing the pregnant Black woman.”

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