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‘To Catch a Cheater’ snags cop’s daughter, while Sgt. father watches with her boyfriend


In a different kind of cop drama, a recent episode of ‘To Catch a Cheater’ highlighted a young couple who both have police officers as parents.

However their parents aren’t just any cops, they’re partners.

The father of the suspected cheating girl, Sgt. Reynolds, watches with the son of his partner to see if his daughter will cheat on the young boyfriend when approached by an actor.

Though Sgt. Reynold’s daughter resists the actor’s request for her to come back to his apartment and drink wine, she does flirt, deny she has a boyfriend, and gives the actor her phone number with the understanding they will get together that night. She does recommend getting coffee as opposed to going back to the actor’s place.

Watching from a remote location, Sgt. Reynolds shows no sympathy for his daughter’s boyfriend (his partner’s son) who can’t believe she denies his existence to this new man. The boyfriend is clearly upset, especially when his girlfriend suggests meeting up with the stranger later that night.

Sgt. Reynold’s suggests if he were in the jilted boyfriend’s shoes he’d be so pissed off that he’d go and sleep with every one of her friends. But the boyfriend states he isn’t that type of person.

After that bit of wisdom, Sgt. Reynold’s offers some explanations as to why his daughter is flirting with the other man. “Evidently you don’t have something that she needs and you’ve got to figure out what that is,” he tells the young man.

“I’m not saying she wants someone who is more of a man – I don’t want to make you feel bad – but he [the actor] had style, he looked confident, he was buff,” Reynolds continued.

The embarrassment for the young man continues into conversations about biceps size and direction in life before ending with the final assessment that simply, “maybe you’re boring.”

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  1. That kind of reply from her dad was pretty shitty. He should own up to the fact his daughter is shitty. The boyfriend should dump her because if she acted single now, she’ll act single later. And that is NOT the boyfriends fault. Suck it up dad. Her behavior has nothing to do with the boyfriend.


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