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Video: Car thief quickly apprehended after unwittingly ditching stolen car in police station parking lot


They’ve never seen anything quite like this before. Calgary police say a car thief literally fell right into their laps.

On April 12th, in the middle of the afternoon, a Chevy Blazer was left unattended with the keys still in the ignition along Manchester Road. A passing thief jumped in, while the owner who was nearby, tried to run after him.

Two constables sprung into action when they got a call about the stolen vehicle. As they started to leave the police station, the stolen Chevy passed right by them .

Somewhere along the way – the thief may have had a change of heart and pulled into the District One police station lot.

“I’d like to believe he had a crisis of conscience after he’d stolen this vehicle but hard to say he wouldn’t tell us exactly why,” Cst. Phil Andres said.

The offender started leaving the parking lot on foot. Cst. Andres told Global News that some members of the force who heard the call come in on the radio– that the car was headed past the district office –saw the thief through the window and ran outside.

CCTV video captured the scene unfolding. The Calgary Police Dept. posted the clip on their Facebook page and titled it: “The Not-So-Great-Escape.”

It’s the fastest they’ve ever seen a case resolved.

The 42-year-old suspect seemed to be remorseful about what he did. He’s charged with theft of a motor vehicle, and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.


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