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Car break-ins are so bad in San Francisco that people are just leaving their windows, trunks open


Car burglaries have gotten so bad in San Francisco, that people are going to insane lengths to avoid being victimized. 

People have been seen leaving their trunk lids and windows open in an attempt to avoid being burgled.

“I’m shocked,” said former SFPD Deputy Chief Garret Tom. “There’s so much that can go wrong here.”

In addition to the aforementioned measures taken, residents of the Golden Gate community have also been cleaning out their vehicles at night.

“Imagine having to clean out your car and leaving it open in public, just so people won’t break your windows,” one resident said. “Oakland, we looking sad man.”

According to ABC7, SFPD Deputy Chief Drennon Lindsey was shocked at how sophisticated the thieves have become.

“Even if you think, ‘I’m just going to put my laptop in my trunk’… if it’s on, they have technology to detect it in the car,” she said. “Even if it’s hidden.”

SFPD has reported a 32 percent increase in car break-ins so far this year compared to last year.

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