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“Canada is terrible” WWE diva Lacey Eevans goes on nasty rant at officer


WWE superstar Lacey Evans found she did not have the superstardom she thought she did when she entered the Canadian province of Alberta, finding herself pulled over on the side of the road for going too fast.

The female WWE star was on her way through Edmonton when she was pulled over by local police, who cited her for speeding.

According to TMZ, Evans maintained her rather abrasive WWE character persona during the entire encounter and was anything but a saccharine southern belle.

Berating the officer for not knowing who she was, she then told him that he was “nasty,” which is apparently her catchphrase.

“1.Canada is terrible,” she said in the video, which she posted to her social media. “2. You know Exactly who I am. 3. You will be speaking to my lawyer. #YaNasty.”

The officer was incredibly polite and left with a smirk on his face, as such encounters likely don’t happen all too often in Alberta.

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  1. So are you gonna add an edit to this article letting everyone know it was a work and both parties agreed on filming the encounter this way or are you gonna keep it as is and let the undo outrage keep going?


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