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Campus police officer wearing external vest takes a tumble showing off new department scooters


Several campus police looked anything but “tacticool” as they demonstrated their new electric trikes, with one officer faceplanting onto the sidewalk.

The video was shared on Twitter by user “wavy.cole,” and shows an officer from an unknown campus attempting to pull a tight turn on his three-wheeled variant of a scooter, which bears a mild resemblance to a Segway.

The officer’s attempt ends in sadness and failure, with gravity the clear winner of the battle.

On Reddit’s r/ProtectAndServe, the comments proved to be just as funny as the video itself.

“Ok, you can be either tacticool with your BDU style uniform and external vest or you can ride mobile jazzercise machines,” one officer wrote. “Pick one and only one.”

“External vests and wicked rides,” another responded. “I’m sure with a bit more training and practice, they will be doing Fast and the Furious-esque drifts around campus walkways like there’s no tomorrow.”

One user -who had allegedly been employed on a campus PD agency in the past- recalled how fun the scooters were..

“I used to work at a campus PD and used those on a few occasions,” he wrote. “Sure I looked dorky, but they were fun as hell.”

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