Home News While campaigning in NYC, Clinton panders to anti-police movement

While campaigning in NYC, Clinton panders to anti-police movement


Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has again thrown Law Enforcement under the bus, making “police reform” a recurring theme and demanding that police officers be “retrained.”

Spending Sunday in New York, Clinton was endorsed by Nicole Bell, wife of Sean Bell, who was killed by NYPD in 2005, in a case where officers were acquitted.

“Today, I was endorsed by this beautiful young woman, Nicole Bell, whose fiancé was killed by the police right before she was to be married. When I was a Senator, I tried to help. I tried to stand up about what had happened,” Clinton said, speaking at the Brown Memorial Baptist Church in Clinton Hill, NY.

Clinton added, “today she wrote an editorial in The Daily News endorsing me and she said we have three common goals, she and I together, we have to end the epidemic of gun violence.”

However, Bell did not write an op-ed on Sunday- instead, she merely said in an interview that Hillary was against racial profiling and promoted more training for police, according to the Daily Caller.

Hillary continued to criticize both the police forces and gun rights, citing that “that’s a big difference between me and my opponent, Senator Sanders. He has voted with the National Rifle Association, the big gun lobby.” She also claimed she felt “so strongly that when you have 90 people a day dying of gun violence, 33,000 people a year, when gun deaths are the number one cause of death for African American men, more than the next nine causes put together.”

Credit: Hillaryclinton.com
Credit: Hillaryclinton.com

On her campaign website, Clinton puts forth 9 talking points to reform the criminal justice system, including this one: “We need to end to racial profiling once and for all—and prohibit law enforcement from relying on race in routine stops and investigations where there is no information linking a person to a crime,” it states.

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