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Attack on Ohio State Trooper caught on camera


Passengers step in to assist an Ohio state trooper attempting to make an arrest on a Greyhound Bus. In the video you can see two men trying to restrain a woman strangling the officer after throwing her from the bus during the attack.

According to WBNS, the bus was stopped on Highway 71 in Morrow County, Ohio after the bus driver became concerned about the erratic behavior of one of it’s passengers and radioed for help. When help arrived the passenger identified as Antoinette Taylor, 26 ambushes the state trooper by surprise who is attempting to escort her off the bus.

Zach Baugh was a passenger on the bus who made a video of the attack. He says, “The trooper was up on the stairs and the lady’s coming down from the center, and the trooper, I don’t think she went to grab her or anything,” said Baugh. “She was asking nicely. And the lady, somehow something struck her bad and she went and struck down on the officer. She punched her straight in the face. And after that it escalated outside of the bus. It was plain as day, hit her straight in the face and she went straight off the bus.”

It’s only after she can handcuff the woman, while taking an elbow to the face, that Trooper Tressa Winans is finally able to radio for help. She sustained bruises and abrasions from the incident.

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