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California Sheriff’s Office may limit taser usage, deputies could be forced to go more ‘hands on’


The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office is considering new regulations when it comes to deputies usage of their tasers.

Within the last year, three people in San Mateo County have died after being shocked with tasers deployed by law enforcement.

One of the most high profile cases, the death of Chinedu Okobi in November of 2018, has resulted in a wrongful death lawsuit being filed against the sheriff’s office and the five deputies involved in the arrest.

According to the Mercury News, the office has been working with the American Civil Liberties Union to come up with new guidelines for deputies to follow.

Guidelines include listing tasers as a lethal weapon, putting a maximum number of times a suspect can be shocked (3), and if a taser does not work and a suspect fails to comply within three to five seconds of a shock the weapon should be considered “ineffective” and deputies will have to use other means of force to subdue the suspect.

The revisions haven’t been fully approved or implemented as of yet, but are far enough down the pipeline that changes are expected.

As for the three fatal cases, the San Mateo County District Attorney has cleared all of the officers involved of any criminal wrongdoing.

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  1. If you move the Taser to lethal force, and it has a higher rate of failure than a firearm, why would an officer ever use it? This is poorly conceived and a foolish response.

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