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California Highway Patrol makes ‘My Christmas Eve’ video from poem by Ohio trooper


A retired Ohio State Trooper’s Christmas poem has been given new life by the California Highway Patrol, teaching the immense value of even the smallest kind gesture.

“My Christmas Eve,” a poem by Ohio State Trooper Bob Welsh, told the story of a retired trooper who had to deliver bad news to an orphaned girl, whose mother was killed after she got behind the wheel while under the influence.

Finding a young girl alone, the trooper decided to break the rules and take her home to his family, unwilling to have child services take her in on Christmas Eve. He gave her a doll as a parting gift, reporting that she had been adopted by a loving family shortly after.

As the poem progresses, the trooper speaks of little things he did on every Christmas after that, from helping stranded motorists to assisting the homeless.

Suddenly, the retired trooper was brought back to reality by a knock on the door, a sound he had come to dread from many years of delivering bad news to next-of-kin.

Approaching the door, he found a young state trooper with a solemn look on her face. Expecting the worst, the retiree was taken aback to learn it was the same little girl.

The poem was adopted by the California Highway Patrol, who put together a fantastically-produced video to go with it. Posted on December 14, the video already has 36,829 views.

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