Home News California city supervisor calls for end of police doing airlines’ dirty work

California city supervisor calls for end of police doing airlines’ dirty work


A California city supervisor is saying law enforcement officers should not be used to enforce airlines’ rules.

CBS San Francisco reports San Francisco Supervisor Jeff Sheehy, speaking about the viral video of passenger Dr. David Dao being forcibly extracted from a United Airlines flight at O’Hare in Chicago, said, “I think all of us were outraged by the video we saw over the weekend. The amount of force that was used to get him off the plane was appalling.”

The doctor refused to get up after the airline demanded he give up his seat on flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville. The flight was fully boarded, but United personnel said they had to make room for four crew members who were added to the flight at the last minute.

Sheehy is not impressed by United’s performance, and wants to make sure law enforcement officers aren’t used as enforcers for airline policies — like they were in Chicago.

“I don’t think our law enforcement officials should be spending their time helping an airline enforce a dumb rule and enforce their business failure,” he said. Sheehy believes officers should only intervene when the airlines establish a risk to safety or threat to security. 


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