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Calgary adds ‘Howler’ sirens to cruiser fleet


“Howler” super sirens are being installed in Calgary’s city police cruisers, in hopes they will make officers and other drivers safer on the roads. Police believe this will help them travel through traffic more efficiently, when responding to a call.

These new cars with enhanced features will be hitting the streets over the next few years, according to Global News.

Police believe that with this new technology they will not only be seen and heard– but also felt. The siren has low frequency sound waves capable of emitting vibrations up to 200 feet away.


So, even if a driver is distracted by a blasting radio or they don’t see the police car’s flashing lights, they will no doubt feel their vehicle beginning to lightly vibrate.

The rumbling may cause the coffee to shake in your cup holder or your hands to pulsate on the steering wheel. The whole idea is to get the driver’s attention.

YouTube video

The new technology could also be helpful for deaf drivers or those who are hard of hearing. Members of that community say, it’s a good idea but most deaf people rely on vibrations every time they drive. For example, they may not be able to differentiate between the howler sound, and say, someone next to them who is playing their bass really high.

Rumblers — as they’re called in the U.S.– haven’t yet gained widespread popularity but they are being used in big metropolitan cities like Boston ad NYC.


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