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Buffalo-area man pretends to be cop, stops “drunk” driver, points gun at him



The law enforcement-type equipment found in Corey Shepard’s Wanda Avenue home. Credit: Cheektowaga police

Police in suburban Buffalo have confiscated a whole array of police-related items after arresting a man for impersonating an officer and stopping a driver while pretending to be a cop.

Cheektowaga police were notified by dispatchers Friday night that an off-duty Buffalo cop had stopped a motorist who was allegedly drinking and driving.

Cheektowaga Police Officer Jacob Wodowski arrived at the scene and found 26-year-old Corey Shepard, dressed in a dark police uniform, ballistic vest and carrying a gun.

The Buffalo News reports that Shepard identified himself as a Buffalo police officer and told 911 he would “cover” Wodowski on the call.

Wodowski thought Shepard was acting suspiciously. After reviewing his dash cam video– which showed Shepard pointing a gun at the other driver– he went to search Shepard’s home.

There officers found: “parking tickets stolen from the Buffalo Police Department, various police uniforms, a fake Taser, handcuffs, pepper spray, a police baton, a ballistic vest with the word “police” on it, seven fake police ID cards, six fake police badges and a baseball cap with “police” on it.”

Shepard is facing a long list of charges and authorities are now looking for more people who may have been victimized by him.

Shepard, a security company worker, was arrested Monday and later released on bond.  Police say the driver he stopped initially was not intoxicated and was released at the scene by Wodowski.


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