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Bucks County police challenge ‘coward’ who made hateful anti-cop sign

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Photo courtesy of Falls Township Police Department

They could have just taken it down and left it alone, but cops in Bucks County, Pa. have decided instead to challenge the person who hung an offensive sign in the middle of the night.

The Falls Township Police Department sent a photo of the sign to Action News, along with a request, challenging the ‘coward’ who wrote it to come forward… and prove them wrong.

The sign, which was found Monday morning near a business along Lincoln Hwy., read: “Only good cop is a dead cop.”

Falls Township Police Lt. Henry Ward told the local ABC station: “I know whoever did this did it out of ignorance. I would like to sit down with them and show them what we do as police officers so they can base their opinion on facts and not ignorance.”

Ward says the person has every right as an American to express his or her opinion. He doubts they will stop in at the police dept., because the person hung the sign in the middle of the night “like a true coward that I think they are,” Ward added.


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