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Brooklyn DA wants to legalize prostitution, says it’s part of his plan to reduce prison population


Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez

Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez told a group of people at a Democratic rally that he’s in favor of decriminalizing sex work saying it targets women and the transgender who are only trying to earn a living.

DA Gonzalez made the statements to Gay City News.

He told the paper his office refers arrested sex workers to enroll in a series of steps before he dismisses their case.

Gonzalez recently unveiled a highly controversy Justice 2020 plan that aims to reduce the prison population. Some of the steps include throwing out marijuana convictions, forcing ADA’s to consider non-jail resolutions during every case, offer pre-plea deals that avoid jail time for drug possession charges, and increase transparency and promote good behavior between police and the community.

Gonzalez was quick to point out that sex traffickers are an entirely different issue that requires more enforcement and better investigations.

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