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Brooklyn DA set to release criminals, claims that’s what victims want

Source: Brooklyn District Attorney

The District Attorney of Brooklyn is looking to let criminals go free, claiming that victims often don’t want to send someone to jail for their crimes.

Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez outlined the bizarre scheme as part of his “groundbreaking” initiative, which is known as “Justice 2020.” The campaign seeks to lock up fewer criminals and aim for early release of those behind bars.

“Sending someone to jail is often not what [victims] want, what they want is to make sure the person leaves them alone, doesn’t hurt them or hurt anyone else and gets the needs for what’s causing them to act out in the first place resolved,” Gonzalez told reporters Monday.

While Gonzalez claims he still takes a more serious stance on rapes, homicides and “serious assaults,” he apparently doesn’t see the point in jailing people.

“I believe that for too long we’ve only provided one narrative, and that narrative is if someone goes to jail, we are going to be safe,” Gonzalez said. “We are moving past that narrative. The narrative that simply incarcerating someone promotes safety.”

Not everyone is on board. Last month, jewelry saleswoman Blanca Miranda was robbed of $120,000 in property outside of her home in Queens. She calls the DA’s idea “absurd.”

“If they aren’t punished, they’re allowed to get away with it,” she said. “Are we supposed to wait until they murder someone to jail them? It doesn’t make sense.”

One retired NYPD detective, who did not reveal his name, told the NY Post that people who start small in the criminal world tend to become ambitious over time.

“In my experience, people who do small crimes graduate to bigger more serious crimes,” the source said. “That he is how we dropped the murder rate from over 2,000 to under 300. That wasn’t luck.”

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