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Brooklyn DA fined $15,000 for making cops pay thousands for his lunches



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Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson.

Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson has reportedly agreed to pay a $15,000 fine to settle charges that he violated ethics rules when allowing his security detail to buy him lunch for five months.

According to Thompson’s attorney, the meals mostly consisted of fast food, “like McDonalds and pizza.”

The city charter bars officials from “using their position for personal benefit and also prohibits them from entering into financial relationships with subordinates.”

According to the settlement papers, the officers used money from their own pockets to pay for lunches costing $2,043 between January and May of 2014 – the same year Thompson took over as Kings County district attorney.

This week the city Conflicts of Interest Board revealed that taxpayers did reimburse the members of Thompson’s security detail.

The DA later came up with a new policy when someone pointed out that using office funds to pay the cops might violate city regulations, the Post reported

An additional $1,489 in office money was spent after that point for dinners and weekend meals through Feb 2015.

One source told the NY Post that “[the officers] didn’t know if they were going to get the money back.” It was discovered also that they brought back and paid for other meals, totaling $1,992 more.

The settlement statement reveals that Thompson admitted his cops were eventually paid back with taxpayer funds, with “authorization by his fiscal office.”

Because of the “high level of accountability required of the chief prosecutor of Brooklyn,” Thompson was still fined.

He issued the following statement:

“I accept complete responsibility for this violation and regret that it occurred…As Brooklyn district attorney, I am committed to maintaining the integrity of my office.”


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