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“Broken System:” Convicted felon released early from prison robs, shoots off-duty Chicago cop


Chicago PD is fed up with violent, repeat offenders continually being released from prison early and terrorizing the city. In the most recent assault on civil society caused by the early release of a convicted felon — who served only four years of a nine-year sentence– an off-duty officer was robbed and shot.

Police say 24-year-old Samuel Harviley and another suspect attacked an off-duty Chicago cop while he was sitting in his car, outside his home, early Monday morning. Harviley was paroled less than three months when the incident happened.

The 49-year-old officer was reportedly returning home from studying for an exam to be a detective. It was about 2:30am, when Harviley and another man approached the car, grabbed the officer’s keys and tossed them on a driveway. They ordered the officer to lie still on the ground, according to the Chicago Tribune, and threatened to shoot him if he didn’t cooperate. Harviley pointed the gun at the cop, and the other man grabbed his wallet and cell phone.

Asst. State Attorney Jamie Santini said, “The officer shifted on the ground for fear the men might discover his service weapon and realize that he was a police officer.”

Harviley shot him in the leg and the officer fired back as the attackers fled the scene — striking the suspect in the arm.

The officer had to undergo surgery and is listed in stable condition. Police say about 10 minutes after the shooting, Harviley arrived at a local hospital and gave a fake name while being admitted for his gunshot wound. Officers at the hospital, however, learned his real identity and arrested Harviley at the hospital. The other suspect and a getaway driver are still at large.

Harviley is charged with attempted murder and armed robbery. His previous incarceration was for a 2011 carjacking.

At a news conference this week, Chicago PD expressed their aggravation with the “broken” justice system that would let a criminal like this out at all. Chicago Patrol Chief Eddie Johnson said, “Until we get real criminal justice reform, the cycle will continue…we have the laws here. We just need to make sure that these criminals are held accountable for their actions.”

“Time and time again, CPD officers risk their lives to hold repeated gun offenders accountable and we will stop at nothing to continue that promise, but more needs to happen to change the culture of violence and increase accountability,” said interim police Superintendent John Escalante.

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