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British police send out very odd PSA that’s getting some hilarious responses on social media


Image from video, below.

Police in the United Kingdom are getting a little creepy with PSAs, it would seem.

A recent video posted across the UK by law enforcement officials warns the public to exercise vigilance if they happen to see someone carrying out simple household jobs, as it could be a sign of indentured servitude.

The twenty-second clip shows a woman cleaning windows and taking out the garbage, something seemingly unheard of by the Wiltshire Police.

“Do you see an individual responsible for the care of children 24 hours a day who is never ‘allowed’ out of the house on their own?” the Wiltshire Police asked on Twitter. “Domestic servitude is almost invisible, but we know it’s happening.”

The over-the-top attempt to highlight actual cases of domestic servitude was panned by social media users, who criticized the agency for being “creepy” and too politically-correct.

“I love a clean house,” user TeRoj said. “I rarely leave my house unless it’s for errands. The world right now is too PC, crazy and unhinged. I prefer my solitude in my residential oasis. Nothing abusive about being domestic. Another newsflash- I LOVE taking care and serving my family.”

“Can’t even clean your windows anymore without PC culture getting thrown at you,” user StopBeingRacist chided.

Others took advantage of the ill-conceived campaign to make jokes.

“I’m going to report half of the mums I know to crime watch because of this video,” Nicola Anne Reid said sarcastically. “I really hope I can save them.”

“Yeah, this is a way bigger problem than massive rape gangs, knife wielding terrorists and no go zones,” Jim Freeman wrote. “Good job.”

It is unknown why exactly British police think that window-washing is a sign of slavery, though some tired housewives and moms might jokingly agree.

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