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British police officer allowed to sue department after becoming addicted to heroin while working undercover


A former British officer for the Greater Manchester Police department has been given the “all-clear” to sue his former employer.

In 2009, Robert Carroll served his community under the identity of “Lee Taylor,” posing under the pseudonym in an effort to combat drug trafficking in Wythenshawe.

However, the undercover cop soon developed a taste for the very goods he pretended to peddle, becoming exposed to the drug by carrying packages of it in his mouth, a drug dealer technique known as “kiting.”

Slowly becoming addicted over time, he quit plainclothes operations and soon found himself on the wrong end of the law in 2013, after he traded his issue baton and pepper spray for heroin, resulting in a 14-month prison stint and dismissal from the force.

Now, the disgraced 44-year-old ex-officer is suing the GMP for damages, claiming they are responsible for getting him hooked in the first place.

While police lawyers argue that Carroll waited too long to file such claims, three senior judges have now opened the way for him to fight his case in court.

During his time as an officer, he sought help for his addiction, but to no avail.

According to the Manchester Evening News, authorities within the GMP described Mr Carroll’s case as “weak”, but the judge said its strength could not be judged without hearing the evidence.

“It cannot be said that the claim is so weak or inherently implausible that it could be struck out or dismissed” without a hearing, he ruled.

A date has not yet been set for the court battle. If he wins, Carroll will receive significant loss and damage compensation on behalf of the GMP.

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