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BREAKING: Terence Crutcher, who was fatally shot by Tulsa police, had multiple drugs in his system


Autopsy results for Terence Crutcher have been released, showing the man who was fatally shot by Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby had PCP and TCP in his system at the time of his death.

Terence Crutcher

During the incident he was acting erratically and not following officers’ instructions. It is when he reached at his car window that Shelby, who is now facing first-degree manslaughter charges, fired on Crutcher.

A vial of PCP was found in his car but it was not confirmed until now that he not only had PCP and TCP in his system, he was likely high at the time. One of the officers in the helicopter even noticed his erratic behavior and commented that he must be on something.

Officer Shelby was responding calls of a vehicle parked in the middle of the road that was blocking traffic.

Court documents show Crutcher had convictions for drug trafficking, resisting an officer and petty larceny previous to the fatal OIS.  He also had several alcohol and vehicle related charges on his record.

According to Drugs.com, PCP can cause hallucinations, delirium, mania, paranoia and violent hostility.  TCP is a dissociative anesthetic drug that has similar effects to PCP but is considerably more potent.

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  1. She probably had enough training. A situation like this can and has turned into a shootout before.

    Hows about this. All squad cars come with net launchers.

    • Have you ever tried to deconflict, restrain, control, sedate, taser, or OC spray a person who is on PCP and/or TCP.
      Yea probably not. There was a significant size disparity between the officers and the victim. So until you ACTUALLY are involved in multiple drug related response your argument is null. Bottom line, is if people would stop trying to be authoritarians all the damn time, and remove the hostility that drugs or other substances which compound the safety of the public and public servants this would not be an issue. LEOs are not the “LAW” they are an enforcement agency which is bound to the judicial system only to be superseded when imminent harm/threat is perceived.

      • Actually I have tried to subdue and arrest a huge man who was on PCP- he became aggressive and my partner froze. He came at me- I could have shot him- but told her to call for help- help came-four of five Officers- he was pushed back- fell on me- I hit an old bedframe in the room and broke my back- it took more Officer to cuff him as one Officer had one cuff on him- he reeled around to fight and hit the Officer with the cuffed hand and the other cuff that was open, sliced into the Officers face- tore his lip mouth and face open requiring several stitches. More Officers arrived and the fight kept going- this man was huge and felt no pain. He was finally cuffed and put in the car. When he got to the station he broke the doorman’s jaw and in turn ended up with a broken arm while Officers tried to get him under control- still no sign of pain. He was on PCP- He could have killed me, I was lucky I got help in time. This only one time I have seen how these subjects act when on this drug. It took 7 Officers to get him in the Police car and take him to the Hospital where he was sedated so that they could work on his broken arm.

      • If being high causes an accident, makes you run out into traffic, or threaten the public servants it is a DEATH SENTENCE.

        Oh wait your getting “high” or “drunk” to avoid the reality of life. Yea we don’t need people like that. Try reading Galatians 5:21 passage. Guess being high might not get you the pass to the kingdom.

        • Wow you quote scripture. You and yoursall must be perfect. There is no heaven. It’s a farce as all religion is to gather the herds and make people conform.

          • Do you mean just like one specific political party in this country does to the herds of citizens via the intentionally crappy educational system they basically control?

  2. The officer should NOT be charged for anything!!! I believe she did just as she was trained!! The officer deserves a MEDAL!!!!!

  3. It doesn’t matter what he was on. Escalation of force only gives anyone the right to use lethal force when in imminent danger. That was not what officer Shelby did. Wether Terrence reached in his car or not, at the time it was only conjecture what he was doing. They should have tased and restrained him. She used an inappropriate amount of force and should still be charged for it. I honestly hope she does get jail time. It needs to be seen that cops are not immune from the consequences of their actions.

    • Nope, as soon as he reached into the vehicle they no longer had the option to wait for him to pull out a potential weapon… He refused commands and that action was enough of a potential threat to justify deadly force. Officer should be cleared of any charges as this individual committed suicide by cop.

    • She did not have a taser- she felt he was reaching for a weapon and had a half second to decide what to do. She feared for her life. She does not belong in jail. She did what she was trained to do.


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