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Breaking: Officers survive ambush in coffee shop when body armor-clad assailant’s rifle malfunctions



A Northern California police chief says a gunman who confronted two officers at a Starbucks targeted the pair minutes after casing the coffee shop.

Vallejo Police Chief Andrew Bidou said at a press conference Monday that the officers were on a coffee break Sunday when the suspect appeared in the doorway of the shop and “attempted to assassinate” them.

Police say the suspect was wearing body armor and tried to shoot the assault-style weapon, but it malfunctioned. The suspect fled on foot, and police chased him, shooting him three times.

Bidou said the 41-year-old suspect is the father of a 2-year-old boy who may have accidentally shot himself earlier Sunday in nearby Suisun City.



Police in Northern California say officers shot a man who pointed an assault-style weapon at them inside a Starbucks coffee shop.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports (http://bit.ly/2dVGoue ) that Vallejo police say a man opened the Starbucks door on Sunday night and pointed what appeared to be an assault rifle to two officers. Police say the gun seems to have malfunctioned.

A press release from the Vallejo Police Department says the officers chased the man as he continued to manipulate his gun. According to the release, officers shot the man three times and he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Police say the suspect was also wearing body armour and carrying a loaded handgun.

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