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Breaking: Officer, suspect shot in close-range exchange in Nebraska


A Nebraska police officer returned fire on a man who shot her in the ankle today in Omaha, hitting the suspect six times, according to a witness.

Omaha Police Deputy Chief Dave Baker reported that OPD officers were dispatched to a “help an officer” call at 1:15 Monday afternoon after the officer reported that she had been shot in the ankle. Originally, the female officer had been called to investigate a suspicious person who was looking into windows.

Citizen Greg Powell -who witnessed the incident- said he was walking down the street when he saw the female officer speaking to a man that she was apparently trying to detain, ordering him to sit and place his hands behind his back. When the man sat down, he pulled something out of his jacket and fired on the officer. In response, one of the officers fired six times and the man fell to the ground.

DPC Baker noted that the suspect had been armed with a firearm, with the “help an officer” call being cancelled a mere five minutes after it was transmitted. The female officer had reportedly been shot in the ankle.

Witnesses on the scene claim the man may have been homeless.

According to WOWT, local residents heard multiple shots fired, but either didn’t want to talk about it or thought it was something other than gunfire.

“I was standing out the kitchen and I heard about 5 pops and I made a joke cuz I thought it was a gun and I was like ‘oh someone is getting shot,” neighbor Jeremey Thomas said. “But I thought it was fireworks or a toy gun. Apparently it’s the real thing I guess.”

Witness Mary Dillon denied seeing the shooting.

“I didn’t see nothing. I just heard two gunshots and all police officer cars coming down this way. So I just came out and came and you know,” Dillon said. “People are crazy nowadays that’s all I have to say.”

The officer and suspect were both taken to the hospital in critical condition, according to a Douglas County 911 dispatcher. The scene has been cordoned off for investigation.


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